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AdsHome Ezine Classified Ad Co-op is an ezine advertising service provider that tests your ezine ads in order not to be blocked by spam filters and submits these ezine ads mainly to home business and internet marketing opt-in newsletters.

In order to obtain a very low price for your ezine advertising space, the deal includes a subscription to each ezine that will publish your ezine ad.

In addition to the low price, other advantages of subscribing to the ezines are that you can verify yourself when your ezine advertisement is published and you can find more useful resources that will help you improve your online marketing skills & strategies and develop your home business.

AdsHome Ad Co-op is DIFFERENT. Unlike many ezine ad co-ops ...

• We do NOT list ezines not published anymore and we do NOT show you FAKE millions of subscribers in order to charge you for nothing.

• This is NOT an automated ezine ad submission service. A real editor reviews all ezine ads that are submitted and corrects them in case advertisers make mistakes such as typos, grammatical errors, links that don't work, etc). Any such modification of your advert is made only after your approval.

All ezine ads are tested so that not to be blocked by spam filters. This is an unique service provided only by AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network.

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No. of Ezines: 10 ezines
No. of ezine subscribers: 58,332
Price for one ezine ad published one time by each ezine: US$ 11.96 8.97
BONUS: Any order includes the placement of your ezine ad on AdsHome MALL blog
Details About Our Ezine Ads
Advertising Tip: Your main objectives in purchasing low cost ezine ads should be to brand your product or service and test the response rate you receive for different headlines, products, services, programs. Track the response you receive to these ezine ads to help you decide which headlines you should use when you launch your broader solo advertising campaign or which products, services, programs worth to be further promoted.
Thank you - This is incredibly thorough and very professional. In fact I've ordered ezine ads a couple times before, and now I really wish I had found you first.

Testimonial - Paul Burnette

Thanks again for contacting me - I appreciate it and will recommend this source of ezine advertising... You guys are the first ones who actually confirmed and wrote back - that means something to me.
Paul Burnette, http://paulsmoneymakers.ws/


Since you're not buying guaranteed traffic but advertising space in ezines, we cannot guarantee you sales, signups or hits.

How many readers will be interested in your product or service depends only on what you promote, on your landing web page and of course on your ezine ad.

What we guarantee is that your advert will be published in each ezine where you purchased advertising space, provided that you confirm your subscription to the ezines when and if required, your subscription email address doesn't bounce, your email service provider doesn't block ezine publisher's ezines and you don't unsubscribe before your ezine ad is published.

In the unlikely case that something unexpected happens and a publisher is not able to contact you latest on the 5th working day after your purchase, you have to contact us. The advertising space in that newsletter will be replaced by another one in an ezine having at least a number of subscribers that equals the number of subscribers of the initial ezine.

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